Wedding Contract

Terms and Conditions:

The Client:

Payment of Fees
1: We agree the booking fee of $400 is non refundable and secures the agreed time and date written on this contract.

2: We understand that if we reschedule the wedding date (for reasons other than warfare, pandemics, epidemics or government restrictions), the non-refundable booking fee will be forfeited, a new booking fee will need to be paid.

3. If rescheduling due to warfare, pandemics, epidemics or government restrictions, a change of date is allowed provided Amber Williams Photography is available on the new chosen date.

4. We agree to pay the balance of the package one month before the wedding date if not earlier. Failure to do so gives the Photographer the right to refuse to carry out the full photographic services.

5. One month prior to the wedding date, in the case of cancellation, no payment will be refundable for any reason.

Wedding Details

6. Any additional costs incurred for booking venues, props, photography locations, parking, travel such as flights etc are the responsibility of the client.

7. We agree to advise all other vendors involved, with providing services for the wedding, of all the relevant times, details and locations as detailed, and to coordinate their services.

8. The details and times listed, form part of this agreement and we agree to make every effort to cooperate in order for the photographer to fulfil the contracted photographic services.

9. We acknowledge the photographer cannot accept responsibility for the extent of the photographic coverage if these details are incorrect or if the agreed schedule was not followed.

10. A list of names and combinations of guests and family members should be provided for the group and family photographic session so that no one is missing in the images. If specified people on the list are not available to be photographed at the allocated time, Amber Williams Photography shall not be held responsible.

11. We accept the responsibility to contact the photographer at least one week prior to the wedding date, to confirm details are correct and there are no alterations.

12. We agree to immediately advise the photographer in writing of any alterations in the details listed here including postponement or cancellation of the wedding.

13. If the photographer is booked to be at the reception for longer than one hour, a vegan meal should be provided.

Copyright & Display

14. Copyright belongs to Amber Williams Photography. The client will be granted Printing Rights.

15. We understand we can use the images for personal use only, including personal social media platforms.

16. We give permission to Amber Williams Photography to use any image for industry competitions, promotional purposes and social media.

17. We understand that any prints made or printed may not be of a professional standard unless printed through Amber Williams Photography. In this case, low quality prints do not represent Amber Williams Photography.

18. We understand that television, computer mobile phone and display screens may not be calibrated to the true tones and colours of the original image. In this case, poor calibration does not represent Amber Williams Photography.

19. Amber Williams Photography has no control over the environment in which the photographs are kept and it should be noted that photographs have limited life expectancy when exposed to strong or prolonged sunlight, fluorescent light sources, heat and humidity.

20. Damaged discs, hard drives, files and printed products, caused by anyone or anything other than the photographer, are not held liable by Amber Williams Photography. It is recommended that back up copies are made of any digital files supplied. Amber Williams Photography may not always keep a copy.

Photographic Orders

21. All print orders must be made within three months following the wedding date or additional costs will incur.

22. All orders must be accompanied with full payment.

23. Prices are subject to change, three months following the wedding date.

24. Telephone and in person orders require written confirmation with payment before the order can be processed.

The Photographer:

25. The photographer shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond the photographer’s control (eg. faulty material, equipment failure, corrupt or damaged memory cards or hard drives, industrial disputes, civil disturbances, or weather conditions) may inhibit or prevent the photographer completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case Amber Williams Photography shall not be liable for the complete performance of the assignment.

26. If any imagery (digital files or hard copies) are destroyed whilst in the possession of photographer, before they have been obtained by the client, for example by fire, flood, landslide or any other disaster a full refund will be made to the client. Amber Williams Photography shall not be held liable.

27. If in the case of theft of any imagery (digital files or hard copies) whilst in the possession of photographer, before they have been obtained by the client, a full refund will be made to the client. Amber Williams Photography shall not be held liable.

28. The Photographer will take great care to protect the images and supply them to the client as soon as possible.

29. All photographic prints provided have high archival permanency, and are processed in professional labs.

30. If the Photographer is unable to attend the job for unforeseen reasons a full refund of any payments will be made, or if possible, a back up photographer will be provided.