Printed Products

Beautiful images should be on display and I passionately search for new and unique ways of presenting them.

Let me do what I do best, and create something for you
that will fill your heart with joy.

I work closely with local artists so that you can
take home something you would not find anywhere else.
Something that will last.

Let’s not lose something so truly wonderful to mass production.
Be assured, all products I offer
are handmade and handcrafted, here in Australia, with love and care.

All of the products I offer are made one piece at a time and every piece is unique.

Lustre & Matte Prints

Archival Silver Halide Prints: 
Revealed inside the emulsion of
the paper an image is formed by light sensitive
silver crystals combined with dyes, then developed
in photographic chemistry, washed and dried with care.

Fine Art Matte Prints:
A non reflective, archival art matt print with rich tones.  A vegan alternative and to lustre prints and highly adored.

Both of these options are ideal for when prints need to be handled rather than protected with a framed.

8x10inch or 8x12inch Print $100
12x18inch Print $160
Print Bundle with Ten 4x6inch Prints $290
Print Bundle with Ten 5x7inch Prints $350

Framed Handmade Paper Prints

Nothing short of magical, each piece of pure cotton paper
is a unique creation on it’s own, made by hand.
The variations in the texture of the paper,
including the occasional seed, are simply part of the loveliness.
The raw edge is formed when
each sheet is pressed during the making.

Your print is floated inside a deep box raw timber frame.
The frame is then glazed with optically pure
perspex to protect the print forever.

Framed 6x9inch Print $250
Framed 8x12inch Print $380
Framed 11x16inch Print $480
Framed 11inch Circle Print $480
Framed 22inch Circle Print $780

Framed Fine Art Prints

Pure cotton rag paper prints are the highest quality prints.
The detail and colour is unmatched.

The print process produces stunningly
detailed images that will last well over 100 years with proper
care. Fine art prints are worthy of being
in an art gallery and worthy of the words ‘fine art’.

Framed with natural raw timber.

Framed 8x12inch Print $340
Framed 12x18inch Print $440
Framed 16x24inch Print $580
Framed 30x40inch Print $1200

Linen Album

A truly fine art archival 10×10 inch thirty page album, with gallery quality printing.
Woven raw linen cover for a truly authentic and earthy feel.
Each album is constructed by hand using intricate Italian bookbinding mastery.
Designed with 40-60 of your favourite images.

Price: $1500

Photocover Album

An 11×11 inch forty page album with matte print pages.  Designed with 40-60 of your favourite images and an image cover, it is perfect to display on a coffee table or mantlepiece easel.

Price: $1200
Duplicate mini album: $300

The Glass Print Box

This sweet little print box is made from brass and hand cut glass.  Suits modern, vintage or rustic homes. Open the lid to find your beautifully bundled prints. 5x7inch includes 60 prints.

Price: $660